Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cutting Remarks

I have workmen in. The whole house is a mess. Two quilts to layer and no space to do it!  I have the space for a boring job, so out come the scrap bins-the front is the scraps to be sorted, the second is the box of 1" diamonds for the far off paper-pieced doube quilt, the third are strips that are the wrong size/shape to cut diamonds but I can't bear to throw out yet.  Need a project for these soon......

Monday, 22 August 2011

I got the Chain Piece Blues

I've started another quilt that's for a gift so I can't post yet, same design as the other one I'm working on but very different look.  I pieced most of the top this weekend from stash-cut pieces, couldn't believe how quickly it went together.

Meanwhile tonight, I needed some churn it through relaxation sewing after a hyper-stressed day, so I spent a couple of hours putting together 2 inch squares for the nine patch I'm working on as a leader-ender project.  It meant I could mix and match them properly, not sewing more that two identical pairs together.  It did the trick, home made frozen curry defrosted for dinner and two hours sewing, I'm chilled ~(:@}