Saturday, 22 October 2011

Poochie Progress

The huge full box of random hexies is almost used up: four sets of 91 each to complete.   The selection left is looking rather-pink-cream-brown so I may stop here for now.

 The hexagons are 1  5/8" across.  I wish I had done them smaller really, too late now with thousands cut!

Nine sets fully complete, total 819.   I will need at least 64 sets plus fillers for the edges for a double quilt, around 6,600 hexagons. Sounds a lot-next post 2017ish..........when I have taken all the papers out!! 
All of the solid colours were sorted form the box for the Rainbow hexie and there are a few more strips done, with a small bag left to add-I'm not going to add these now, or the centre will look too uniform, they can wait for the next batch. 

This little angel called Jake came to visit on Thursday and stole my sewing!  He is 5 months and it was his first visit to someones house.  He acts like hes 8 weeks old still, full of mischief.  He is a well know toilet roll and shoe thief on Facebook so we had to watch him, just as well as the sewing had a needle in!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

A little bit more

I like it. It seems to grow quicker than the random hexies.  I'm going to do the rest in sections so the centre doesn't get dragged about and frayed over a period of several years and the patches will mix and match better as the scraps get cut up and mixed over time

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Another UFO

I found this rainbow hexie patch that I had completely forgotten.
I LOVE that fabric in the middle with the green and red humbugs, but its pretty useless to go with anything else.

Even better than the patchwork, a tin full of papers-I was running out and its not my favourite job, printing and cutting, yay!

I had to make it grow a little to see how it looked......... Moomoo would not move OR look at the camera!  She isn't very photogenic at the best of times as she's shiny and black, she looks like a dark blob.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

And I thought they would be a disaster....

Well, the dough fell to bits as I was trying to wrap it round the truffle filling, oozed out all over.........but they look fine, the texture is a bit soft and cake like, yum!  I think they are better all leaky.  Only one at a time though. Syrup, sugar, butter, flour, peanut butter, cream, chocolate!  Special occasions only I think.  Next time I will try using crushed salted peanuts as a topping.   I can't wait to see what they are like after being kept a bit....    ~(;@? 

I made oaty ginger cookies as well, they look healthier, but they're not!


OK, so these are the hexie papers I 'should' have been sewing in: they are for the grandmothers flower garden project of which there is one more round to do, with the corners to square after that (profile photo).  I'm not going to join these hexies up into flowers as I have a lot done already.  I will keep them in papered sets and include them in the project if I need them-if I don't need them for the flower garden, they can be thrown in with the random hexie bunch.  This will be the 'few moments' sewing until Christmas, when I'm going to have a major blitz on the flower garden.  The sections must be laid out on the floor and don't get much time during the working weeks to sew, they stay there for ages and the cat can't resist the papery rustling as she dives into the carefully laid out flowers!

It is in the mid 20's here today, crazy for October-I'm afraid I am one of those heat whingers!  Autumn is my favourite season, windy days, blowing leaves, crunchy woodland walks-it will all come soon enough though.

There will be a sewing interlude this afternoon: I have found a recipe for salted peanut butter and chocolate to the supermarket to buy butter now. Very naughty. I'll post a picture if they last long enough.  Did I mention I'm on my own this weekend?!

I have 70 or so pages left to read of Resplendent that's calling me today too.  It's an amazing series.  I love science fiction, it suspends reality and takes me away from it all. 

And two bookcrossing science fiction rings to read and move on after that............