Sunday, 19 February 2012

All sewed out

I admit to doing NO sewing at all, not one paper on a hexagon, for over a month now. I over did it at Christmas! I work for a sign company and saw this is production for a customer, a good motivator that should be on my wall!

I like the close-up as well

I have done a lot of thinking about future projects and made a mental note:
  • finish two very late quilts that are gifts
  • plod away at the Darwin's Flower garden(see profile pic)-this is going to be given to my son and daughter in law.  She asked me in the autumn if I would make them a quilt and we came up with a drunkards path idea, however, I started the Flower Garden on the day I first met her, so I thought it would be appropriate for them to have it and they are very happy with that (or they will be!)
  • there has been much designing in my head for my own quilt, to be called Event Horizon-much of the fabric for this will come out of the stashed blocks and strips-black stars with a rainbow of colour

  • I have been acquiring black and white fabrics for a Cathedral windows quilt-this will be a hand made project and I MUST NOT START this year! Its time consuming......

  • also acquiring fabric for a split 9 patch garden-stream-stepping stones idea-pic from another quilt.
I have been doing a lot of reading since Christmas, I often do at this time of year, something to do with being tucked up in the warm with a quilt and a book and a mug or a glass!

Property-Valerie Martin: a new author for me, Orange prizewinner, loved it!

Xeelee Omnibus (RAFT)- Stephen Baxter: a favourite author

Rant: the Oral History of Buster Casey-Chuck Palahniuk:  another favourite, crazy, keeps you guessing with one twist after another, brilliant.

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers-Xiaolu Guo: this has been on the shelf for three years, a thought-provoking read on the culture gap in British and Chinese couple

The Honorary Consul-Graham Greene: a favourite author, if you overlook the treatment of women in his works!

Greybeard-Brian Aldiss_ a horrible disappointment!

Now I'm reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, a 600 pager. That should keep me occupied for a week or so.  Time to go and have a sort out in preparation for bringing my Bernina to life again.

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