Thursday, 24 May 2012

Six sided stock take

I have been assessing the three hexie projects on the go- Random Hexie, Darwin's Flower Garden (DFG), and Rainbow Hexie.
The tins are six-sets for 'flowers' to be made up, though I won't do these unless I need them to finish DFG, I only have to 'square' the edges on this now.
If I don't need these six-sets for DFG they can be broken down for the other projects.
There are fresh cuts of six-sets plus extras  for the random and rainbow hexies in the plastic bin.
These are all the flowers I have already sew up-many more than I need to complete the 'Darwin's Flower Garden". 

I have taken out the really ugly ones and duplicates to drop into the Random hexie. where their beauty will be enhanced!

I feel there is another project to add to the list to use these 'good' DFG flowers up.  
Here goes: a more traditional setting, each 'flower' with a 12 piece surround, but in leaf fabrics....the surrounds will be the same fabric for each centre, mock-up in random greens shown......

Note to self:  YOU WILL NOT START THIS in 2012! 

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