Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hexagon Jubilee

I have an amazing ability to ignore boring domesticity, honed over many years and do my own thing. Being single helps, no pressure!  I sat up until past 1am the last two nights watching films and sewing in hexie papers.  I have a push to get the 'six-sets' sewn up as I want to finish piecing DFG by Christmas, so I can layer and sew over the holiday. Second tin full, third on the way.

Not sure I will make it as I have to cut and paper tack all the stone 'paths' yet, then do a single row border of leaves/bushes round the edge.  All 440 inches of it!

Two hours late last night was spent cutting hexie papers from printouts-I use old A4 envelopes saved for me at work with three extra sheets inside so each shape cut yields five hexagons. Envelopes provide the right thickness, not too difficult to sew through when tacking and resilient enough to be re-used about 4 times.  I recon I cut around 1500, still not enough for what I have to do.   I have lots of 1/2'' diamonds printed out too-I don't need these yet, enough was enough, my arm was starting to cramp after 2 hours cutting card!  As the diamonds are so small I will try doing them on the cutting mat with the rotary cutter.

I spent an hour selecting the appropriate centres yesterday for all the sets to be assembled: it was strangely relaxing. The majority of the centres are to be yellow or black and some have opposite accents on the colour wheel.

Looking at what I have, I can announce

A variation on 28, made with all the browns and creams that won't fit into any other brightly coloured project I have on the go. Another row round each flower, brown surrounded by cream, cream by brown and everything on a navy ground.

When I went to bed it's only because I thought I should, I read until nearly 2am. I am half way though  The Idea of Perfection by Kate Grenville. It's fluff: I appreciate that the idea of this prize is to award women novelists who write accessible works but I can't yet see why it won the Orange Prize. The characters are quite well drawn, but surely a good writer shouldn't have to continually use italics to get their point across: it is annoying!   I thought you used punctuation to create emphasis. It even goes so far as to omit speech marks. Horror!  It promises to have something about quilting in it, much to my delight, so I will stick with it.

The last book I attempted was By The River Piedra I Sat Down  and Wept. I hear such praise for this author but the twin themes of religion and lurve were too much for this old cynic. It will be off to the Bookcrossing shelf at Starbuck's Horsham on my next visit.   If you live in West Sussex, there are four shelves of FREE books here, at the top of the stairs.

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