Sunday, 28 October 2012

Another re-think

I tried some variations for cotton reel blocks and didn't like any of them!
They are already in the scrap bin, I couldn't get the proportions right with the size blocks that I had to hand in the log cabin format.  Looks like that's not a good idea for a leaders and enders project.  Rethink time.

I had cutting to do today for the green and blue four-patches for Moth in the Window, I just wasn't in the mood for cutting.

I finished the purple blocks, ironed the four colours I have done, then sorted out the hand stitched greens for the next project-I have to name it for the blog-ermm-'The Big Green One'  will do for now!

There are hundreds of hand pieced greens.  I need 4 x 244 for the four-patch element-so I just sewed up a few more of the colours I didn't have from the cut blocks. 

I think I will have enough. 

Then I got out the green triangles and picked a bunch of every colour, I need 488.....

And the creams......all cut and ready.....
I am LOVING having all the cutting done!  After today  it *will* go away until Moth in the Window is done!

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