Friday, 19 October 2012


I made it sewing through until 10.45 last night, after staying up 'till 1am the night before, amazing!  Most of the cutting is done-I did it in batches between bouts of sewing-all I need are some 1 1/2 " purple strips to make the cornerstones.   

Today, progress.............I have done about 8 hours!

I wasn't sure I had cut enough of these.............turned out fine..........

Love that basil fabric

Matched sets of reds

Matching the oranges. Peachy.

Blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green sets for the 'window' sashings all stitched up now.  I won't have to iron these, finger pressing will be fine. Also sewed up the scraps for the cornerstones today.  If I do another one of these I think I will vary the 'moth' colour, not the cornerstones, it will be much quicker!

I lost my glasses for 10 minutes, even the picture is fuzzy without them, couldn't see them for looking!  Doh. There they are.  I need one of those chains that go round your neck.  And a leash.  And behavior classes!!!  Forget the agility though.

The 'oil' reminder came up on the Bernina today, so I took the plate off, brushed it all out, then spent 10 minutes looking for the sole plate.  I had put it away it the box with the brush and the oil. I had just found my glasses then, I think I had a caffine dip, or some such!

Yesterday night I chain pieced stitching the squares to a set of triangles.  I think I have done WAY more than 100 sets!  Tomorrows task is stitching these into pairs to complete the moth blocks.  (Happy to say that my hand piecing has proved to be accurate, that I had done on the triangles, you can see it in this pic. Smirk). Breaks will be ironing and cutting the stitched scraps that I did yesterday into 1 1/2" chunks for the cornerstone.  Love the salad fabric too!

I have done a few dozen of these already to try it out.  This will be the        l   o   n   g   e   s   t        job, I think! I will be able to finger press them, no ironing, the centre seams flatten out OK

Another hour at the machine, then off to bed with The Great Gatsby 


Night night!

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  1. I do not often get 8 hours of sewing time, but when I do it is all joy!!!! I put my glasses on top of my head, and sometimes can not remember where they are...old age for sure;-) I have to take my glasses in about every 2-3 months to re-adjust the frames. All wonky from my head.

    Tomorrow is an all day sewing day!!! Hooray for me.
    blessings, jill