Sunday, 25 November 2012

Huge peg, small hole

I can't see how this is ever going to fit into that little space under the machine to quilt!  
Watch this small space.....

I have been thinking about tying patterns for 'Moth in a window' as an alternative if it won't squeeze in there.

I seriously considered an 820 when I was looking for a new machine, but they hadn't been out long and they still had problems.  I found two suppliers who wouldn't sell me one so I researched on the net and found the first issue batch needed to go to the breakers yard!. I wanted to try one at an exhibition, the retailer had two there, neither of which they could make work to strait stitch.
That pretty much decided it!

Border for the moth quilt...... I sewed the odd lengths of 2" strip greys into two lengths, enough for a scrappy look to go round the quilt twice.  Boy, do I ever overdo my requirements for every project.

 That will need bringing into line or I will end up with dozens of sets of blocks/strips  that will only make half a quilt.  I have 40  complete moth blocks and about four hundred 4 patches and more grey strips left, as well as over 40 sewn up inner moth blocks!  I will have to make something out of them or make a mini quilt that will become part of a backing. .

I thought that small grey and cream moths would be too plain, so off  to the the 2" squares box-a row of these all the way round, in between the  two grey border strips.......all the creams are pre-cut too.
I had originally thought grey and purple, but  I think all purple.  They finish at 3". Slowed down a little by having to pencil the sewing line, I'm all over the place! There is something familiar about this process..........

Yesterdays bow ties! I made way more than I had estimated.


  1. I have a huge quilt that I also have thought about tying. Yours is just so beautiful that I would try to machine stitch it though.

    blessings, jill

  2. Found them! They look great..makes me want to dig out Moth in a Window and make more least my bow ties are a flimsy (opposite of you) but love seeing yours!