Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Over estimator! (again!)

I made a few more triangle pairs for 'the big green one' last night-the pile is growing and the other is diminishing....

I cut some more triangles from two hunks of cream, so I didn't use up all of the mixed ones I had pre-cut on one quilt (two piles on the left).
Unbeliveably, I have already done 13% of the bed-topper bow ties quilt, 70 patches!  I have kept some on the machine to do in between kitchen stirrings and when I had 20 minutes here and there.  Looks like I have enough already kitted for at least two quilts.  This will be for ME!
 I think the ones with the 1 1/4" corners look better than the 1 1/2" corners, but I'm not cutting more strips in a size I don't usually use, its about using up what I have.  As long as the 'knot' corners are the same colour, I'm not worrying as its SCRAPPY!

Yet again, I have over-estimated what I need!  Almost enough 'moths' for two, enough bow ties matched for two, and looking like enough greens for two 'big green ones'!  I have set my target completing the first  'moth' and 'big green' filmsies by Christmas.

Probably won't post again 'till Sunday as not much time to sew, the rest of the week

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  1. Wow Sally, you are making some great progress. I am hoping to hit the cutting mat and sewing machine this weekend. Maybe.

    blessings, jill