Sunday, 2 December 2012

Last week

Earlier in the week I was chain piecing mauve moths for the 'Moth in the Window' borders

At the end of the week I went away for a chilly break by the sea to Weymouth.  The town must be awfully crowded in the summer as its not very big, neither is the beach, but its a popular holiday destination. December was the perfect time of year to explore, it was cold but with no wind and the bay was like a millpond.  Quite nice old buildings, shops a little bit trinkety-seaside.  I kept thinking of Thomas Hardy's Wessex novels whilst I was there! No pics as I walked into town at 3.30pm as it was getting dark. 

This is a view of Chesil beach  and Weymouth Harbour, location of the sailing for 2012 Olympics, from Portland

I spy a colour scheme for a wedding ring quilt!

At Lulworth Cove I took some texture study pictures for 'one day', the chalk weathers differently from my local chalk in Sussex....
Its beautiful to me!  There were a few fossils, but I had left my hammer in the car. 
 More texture. 

This was a good fundraising idea: on the lane down to Lulworth Cove (famous as a beauty spot and geologically magical)-all the buckets left on the beach  put in a tree!  Cute friendly chickens in the pen next to the wall, too.

Never been around chickens, they make a rather comforting relaxing noise, in the manner of a cat purring, I'm sure they were talking to me.......yes, I'm quite well, thank you.  The rest did me good!

  Lulworth Cove under brilliant December skies.  Wrapped up, It was warm enough to sit on the beach and read for half an hour.

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