Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas TV project

These are the 10 blocks I completed over Christmas for the Tile log cabin. Half the blocks are white dominant, half green. I have cut up some more ugly greens and have some cream/white strips to do from poly-cotton shirts (use it up!), then it's going away for a few weeks.  It's quite relaxing to do this, as if you're not overly fussy about even stitching on the back (match the thread to the backing as it doesn't show at all on the front) all you need to do is ensure the folds line up with the diagonal lines drawn on the backing and assuming that the cutting is accurate, it works out fine. I have pretty much thrown everything in: as long as I use a strong pattern layout it will work. 


  1. OK. I want to know what kind of coffee you are drinking. LOL I stayed off the computer and still have nothing in the way of quilting to show for it. This will be another amazing quilt.

    blessings, jill

    1. Very strong tea! I stayed up until 2am and slept in for most of the holiday, watching catch up TV recordings and sewing. Did pretty much nothing else, extremely lazy in every other respect. This is quite an addictive project! I have pledged to stay off the computer too......we will see.....