Thursday, 24 January 2013

Part 2 from the weekend

I have been struck down. The dreaded migraine!  I won't bother you with the details but after three days I am feeling better.

So, here is the rest of the mini moth saga.......

I smoothed the top, measured the top, whoohoo, it is EXACTLY the same across the middle in both directions!  Miracle!

I measured the moth strips, it worked out OK..........but it wasn't right, the moth strip was too tight  once sewn on and whats more I didn't like it once I had laid the outer border next to it.

Now what? After making about 150 mini moths, don't use them?!

 Well, this looks OK, but its a bit boring.

I had attached the minis in the same direction as the big moths as I thought it would look too busy as it's a scrappy quilt if everything was going off in all directions.   So I tried  it another way...

Actually, that's better.

I sewed the mini moth strips on after pressing them, letting them lay as they wanted, not measuring.  No puckers!

Only trouble there are odd ends-one worked out OK, two are about 1 1/2" out (half a mini moth).  I can make some odd size moths to go in there.  Hoping  the issue is with the mini moths along one side, not the quilt being out, though it WAS OK when I measured it!

The quilt will be about 104 x 104" so you won't see if it IS a bit skewed!

Now these are on I can see the light.  Three midi moths to make and the outer border to go on, then layering.

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