Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Quick, quick!

I have put together a baby quilt, from the bow tie stash.  It's all a bit of a panic as this is the only time I will have before the end of the month. Wish I'd had more time!


I quilted it with the walking foot rather than free motion: although the curves weren't supposed to be symmetrical, they were too tight for the walking foot really and are more uneven than I intended!


The sex of the baby is unknown, hence the random colours.  I cut the trusty ice cream fabric for the backing but now its on I realise its rather PINK!  I used a variegated green on the back to quilt. picking up the ice cream green and trying to offset the pink. I like the quilting on the back more than the front!

The front is sewn in a heavyweight rainbow dyed variegated.  It needed a lot of quilting as it will probably get a lot of washing.  Either the thread was poor quality (it was rather furry) or the eye in the needle was too small (probably) as every so often it would break down and fray in the eye, so I have a few ends to secure.

I learned a lot doing this quick project.  As time was so tight I didn't have time to worry if it was 'right' or good enough, my usual train of thought for most things.  Probably why I'm not a great 'finisher'!

Not sure what to use for the binding, don't want to 'pink' out the front with ice cream fabric! I will try to find a brown or an almost white cream.  Or yellow.


  1. Most likely a small eyed needles was the culprit for the thread breakage. I like a size 80 topstitching needle when I use heavier thread. You could use a green for binding too as it is on both sides of the quilt.

  2. green hadn't even occurred to me as its one of my 'phobic' colours! Minty green like the ices would work rather well, thank you xx