Thursday, 11 April 2013

Oh crumbs!

I would love a pineapple quilt, but I know all that paper piecing isn't for me.

 I have lots of crumbs cut down for the 1/2" crazy diamonds English paper pieced quilt already.

So, what to do with the latest bunch?  I can't face trimming them and I'm tired of looking at them.  I cut some strips of mixed fibre neutrals and had a play, using up some polyester thread that has been hanging about for years.  No shape trimming, just applied to each side of the strips as it comes out of the box.   A bit of mindless sewing that requires no accuracy that can be picked up and dropped is just what the doctor ordered.

The idea is that the strips are joined (and maybe sub-cut, not sure yet), the whole thing is randomly quilted quite heavily and as it's washed, it becomes frayed and tactile.   I was going to do a small test piece, but nothing too drastic will be lost by going for it.  If nothing else it can be the car quilt, for chilly rides and summer picnics and the beach.   I will try to finish up the box of scraps that is here and if more is needed I will keep a strip by the machine to add to as crumbs appear.

 I just remembered these- half a box of paired crumbs

that I used to make these

 and these!

Now I know what I can use them for, this will add variety and intensity!

So, its win/win with regard to using it up

  • crumbs 
  • applied to random mixed fibre strips that wouldn't normally go into a quilt
  • with polyester thread that is  over 20 years old but still strong, which I wouldn't use on cotton fabric (my mum was a seamstress, so it's from her working days)
  • previously paired orphan crumbs, strips, blocks
  • the wadding will use up pieces
  • the backing will be some ugly dark mixed fibre curtains that I was given, perfect for an outdoor blanket!
Happy days, using it up  instead of throwing it out. 

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