Thursday, 29 August 2013

Which quilting design?

Dancing nine patch baby quilt
I'm fairly sure my college won't be looking to see what's going on so here is a pic of the baby quilt ready for sewing-I can't decide on  a design to sew!  Any suggestions?   

I want to sew in the blue squares fairly densely, leave the red and the yellow, and densely quilt the border. Even after looking at Leahs site I can decide!

Gingko leaves
 I was playing around trying things out last night.  I realised my travel stitching needs mere work!  Then I came up with this design for gingko leaves that I quite like (wibbly borders, no smooth curves, I can manage that!). 

I may use this as a background filler for the cream areas on 'Moth in a Window', another one that looks to be done by the end of the year.
Moth In the Window layout trial


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    1. I was sitting in traffic next to a tree that day, and thought I'd give it a try when I got home

  2. Hello Sally,

    The leaves are really pretty!

    It might be better to do quilting all over the cot quilt. If you do fairly dense quilting on some parts and leave other parts unquilted, the unquilted parts could end up looking rumpled because dense quilting can have a gathering effect. You might need to mull it over with a mug of builder's tea.


    1. Hello, thanks for dropping by, I didn't quilt densely in the end. I went for a doodle I came up with, as prevarication wasn't getting the quilt done!