Saturday, 1 March 2014

Chilled out sewing and pondering on psychedelia.

I needed a bit of mindless to de-stress, so I sorted the 1 1/2" strip bin and did prep for sisters choice. Pressed, ready to cut to 1 1/2" pairs.

 These, will eventually become these-over a very long period!
I also trawled the sales for reds, pale blues and yellows, these are now washed and pressed ready to cut a few 1 1/2" strips from, then join the stash.

I have been pressing a few random 9 patches now and again, of the 200 or so I made, whilst browsing Pinterest for an interesting setting.  Nothing appeals yet. 
 They can always be stored until I find that perfect pattern!  Some of them will make their way into a linus quilt this year.

All the black and white nine patches are done, about 100. 

Morphine is a design as I go quilt, where the blocks sill be set on point.  I have a few ideas for other rows-all in black and white- but nothing is decided yet......

I want the effect to be a little jarring as the ceiling light cover that inspired this quilt as I was coming round from my anaesthetic was doing crazy things!

I have papered several hundred more hexies in the past month, I only need another 5 of these random sets to complete a double quilt top

 I had completed these tree tins of rosettes a few months ago (pic from a previous post) ready for sewing: I decided to split them half in the random hexie box, half in the rainbow hexie box, it seemed crazy to leave them sitting there for another few years when they were needed for something else. Believe it or not, real progress being made!

And this weeks read...

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