Tuesday, 7 July 2015

More ways to use it up

I have been seriously contemplating taking part in Bonnie's leader-ender challenge, tumblers. I looked around Pinterest and found this quilt and saw FISH!  Then I thought I could add fins with prairie points and buttons for eyes and the whole idea stopped being a leader-ender challenge and became a design wall challenge!  I have shelved that idea, temporarily, as I have enough half done!

I am still powering away on the strings, I feel I am making some headway.  I threw every trimming in the bin without sorting as I cut my projects, so there are some strings less than 1/2" wide, they have to be thrown out. There were a lot.  I was also throwing out 3/4" strings, and really didn't want to, even though they were too small for use.  There were a few hunks and chunks in the bin, so the two came together as an experiment in wonky crosses. 
Not sure about the mixed backgrounds.  I have lots of recycled white sheeting, I may use that and make the 'string' part the highlight. Unless I manage the background colours on a design wall, I think it will just look a mess-I have already decided no new designer projects!

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