Thursday, 13 August 2015

A little more alignment

 I am gradually organising the boxes of random stuff that have accumulated. The blue two patches have been sewn as leader-enders into another two dozen 9 patches to join the rest.

 These 3" finished four patches left from Moth in Window have been bagged up and put in the 'potential' category box.

 The backings cupboard is organised. 

The crumb bin was 1/3 full of 2" offcuts from kitting geese and Garlic Knots, so I pieced these into 10 1/2" strips for the Crumb Quilt Project: whilst everything in the bin is the same width, it makes it  an easy job.

 Lots more triangles chain pieced for Box Kite, and some of them pressed

Yesterdays blocks...............

 Kitting up the 2" pre cut orange and browns for garlic knots:  I need to make a dent in these  2" squares as they are not moving.  I may add different colours.


I am using good quality recycled soft white sheeting for the background, again in an attempt to use up things that are sitting about. Soft, soft, soft!
I made four blocks to play with the arrangement: however I laid it out  there was a big white area, so i found some snipped triangle corners and played-half a flying goose on the long strip (not the final colour for the diamond!) Better.

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