Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cutting corners


And thousands more to go!  

Triangles. I see them in my sleep. 

As an antidote, I have finished this ten stitch blanket from scraps.

It is a double, that will be a car/picnic blanket. 
It took 2 years on and off, 1/3 million stitches! 


The next on-off scrap blanket is this one....

It is really interesting to knit, no seams as it's knit as you go and grows quickly. 


The clipped triangles are still being made into broken dishes blocks for a friends housewarming quilt. I am making the more random sets into pinwheels for charity quilts

A couple of hundred to have the seams spun, then be pressed, about the same still to piece. 

I sewed the crumbs up that I had made from cutting mini broken dishes blocks, as they were all from 2" strips and easy to sort.

The crumb strips join the three sacks of  string and crumb strips waiting to be trimmed down for a crumb quilt and piano key borders!


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  1. I have been using up little pieces also. Can't let them go to waste. Fill your bobbins and keep stitchin' on. Chris