Saturday, 9 July 2016

Eclipse II

Another UFO done. This flimsy has been on the shelf for 10 years!!!
Applique detail:
  • 10 year old flimsy from strings and crumbs
  • pieced onto calico making it heavy (novice error) 
  • 66 x 110"
  • backing from economy buys in deep stash
  • Mickey Mouse cotton duvet cover pre-made binding. 
  • gifted pale orange and pale blue wavy line quilting on the front, dark cream polycore on the back. 
  • appliqued motifs to cover split seams!
  • heavily quilted to stabilise  the many seams as sits so heavy! 
  • poly batting
  • this will probably be a gift. 
I did a little more on the postage stamp quilt
Lots of reading this week. I finished the 1250 pages of 

I needed something lighter, so it was quilty chick-lit on my Kindle!

Now I am onto something more complex from a favourite author

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Use it or bin it!

I had a sort out: dozens of batting trimmings and shirt pieces that weren't getting used had to go, but how can I part with it?!

The grandpup needs a blankie when he visits, so I pieced the batting into two cot sized sheets and appliqued the shirt parts onto them using a dense zig-zag. I have not used this function on my machine before so it gave me a chance to experiment with the density, neatness didn't matter too much for a dog bed! 

Back and front of both pieces:all the scraps, uglies and ends of poly thread used. 


 I will be sandwiching these two together and practicing McTavishing. Archie won't mind if it looks hideous and the quilting is dubious, he just loves his comfort.


This week I quilted Eclipse #2, it has been pinned and waiting for a couple of weeks. It has been on the shelf for over 10 years waiting!!!


Yesterday I finished the binding on this cot quilt that I did a month ago. You may think that the colours are a little dull for a baby quilt, but the blocks were orphans from Noah's mum and dads wedding quilt. Noah was I year old last week, so its a late birthday gift. 
  • deep stash backing and borders 
  • orphan blocks 
  • quilted in the ditch in cream, then top stitched in variegated brown
  • gifted grey polyester thread on the back
  • border quilted randomly with circular eyelet function on my Bernina and stitched in the ditch

The double was hand quilted, I forgot to take a picture  of it finished before I gifted it! 

Today this cot quilt is done: I started using the bow ties I had sewn together incorrectly for this double flimsy, then added a few more........
  • orphan blocks sewn together wrong!
  • border fabrics bought recently for charity quilts
  • deep stash backing
  •  scrappy binding from backing trimmings 
  • Quilted in orange cotton on the back, Gutermann variegated green on the front, in a false jigsaw pattern. 
  • borders stitched in the ditch
This will need washing as I manged to bleed on the white border and Archie visited unexpectedly and put muddy paw prints on it whilst I was layering it!

I also did a few more strips for the postage stamp quilt.