Sunday, 26 June 2011


Amazing how many ugly bits of fabric you acquire through Internet shopping. I'm sure some of the sites photo shop the colours on the fabrics, especially those 'bargan' sale must haves, to shift something dubious.  I bought something 'pale yellow' last week in a sale offer, 3 metres of it, as I am not into pale fabrics but you do 'NEED' them to create contrast (;<}.  It was pee green. Ew.  

So, I have started chopping fabric that just needs to get used, cut it small enough and it stops being ugly!  I have the idea from Bonnie K Hunters scrap users system at Quiltville-if you are a quilter look at her site: loads of free patterns and tips based on the sizes of strips, bricks and squares she advised you to cut.  I love the scrappy look so I'm happy: I find it quite relaxing with some classical music on in the background to iron and slice (funny how 'real' ironing gives me an allergic reaction!). The whole operation creates a BIG mess  and creates a lovely box of strings to use from the trimmings.

Ashamed to say I have barely touched the surface of the pile I need to chop, look at whats there already (hangs head)
I made the lounge curtains from scraps and strings last year, another relaxing project as there was no accuracy involved!

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