Saturday, 15 May 2021

Knitting finish


This weeks finish: newborn cardigan in Red Heart Lisa Colour, Pattern from Sirdar

Knitting update

There has been a lot of Granny  knitting in the last year!    
More items are finished, but not sewn up, update soon!  See the finishes tab for more. 

Thursday, 28 May 2020


Well, whoever would have thought that I'd make something like this! 

I had two rambunctious boys. Now I'm a grandma to Ellen. 

I miss her so much at the moment. I have looked after her every week for 18 months, now I haven't seen her for two months because of lockdown, so I have been sending her little presents through the post. xxx


Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Three finishes today

Two sock puppets and 11th of the batch of 40 charity quilts I have to do

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Charity quilts update

I have one more bound and ready.  This one is backed with a donated duvet cover . 


And the next, layering in progress....


The last three flimsies of the current batch have been webbed.  

The webbing of my bow tie quilt  is in progress...


A little bit of cutting-I found this block a while ago, loved the sample and have been cutting the strips for a while. It looks complicated though it is only HSTs and four patches from 1 1/2'' and 2 1/2'' strips. 

And of course, MORE binding. It has been a week of record temperatures in the UK, so sitting with a quilt on my lap hasn't been an option for most of the week! 

I got this silver thimble in a house clearance. It is marked 'James Walker the London Jeweler'. 
A little bit of research told me that they were given as a free gift with wedding ring purchases.  It came from the house of a 90 year old bachelor!  Maybe he had a romantic disappointment. They used to make thimbles in much smaller size increments, this one fits me perfectly.  Shortly after, I bought another antique one in the perfect size from Ebay.  

Friday, 26 July 2019

Charity quilts

At the moment I'm working on 40 lap quilts for an old folks care home. I have had a lot of stuff hoarded for charity quilts but lacked the enthusiasm to do more than one every six weeks or so. Now I have a definite goal as there are 40 residents.  

Most of the flimsies are done, I finished webbing these tops and putting on scrappy  borders today. I cut the borders at 2 1/4", same as the binding. I love a scrappy binding! 

A sample batch of 6 have been delivered, including these .

I bound these two this week

There was a hiccup with this one, I cut the backing tooo small, so some orphan blocks came in handy! 

These broken dishes blocks are my leader enders, cut from 2" strips 

I have been doing these for months now and have quite a stack, the aim is a queen size! 

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Journal #2

I have been playing with formats for journals and junk journals.

Last month I made an altered book with a sea theme, to write book quotes and inspirational notes in, which I hope to pass to my granddaughter one day. 

It is still work in progress, I have not altered all the pages yet. 

I had fun dyeing the papers with tea, coffee, food dye and alcohol inks, messy but interesting! 

 Playing with paper and glue is like being a kid. very therapeutic! 

Thursday, 13 December 2018


I have always been a secret stationery junkie.  

I discovered junk journals a couple of years ago and I have been experimenting with various formats and styles.  

Yesterday, I made this leather bound journal from a hardback book cover and my sons old sofa!  It is not finished yet and is something of an experiment, as I haven't decided if I want a hard or soft cover. It is stuffed full and functional though, with the various notebooks I use! 

A diary/ daily bullet journal/to do list; personal development notebook; study notebook (I am doing some free courses with the Open University);  general notes and to dos; quotes, passwords and reading list; daily diary, design notes. 

I function much better if I use paper to think and plan, rather than electronic media, the act of writing makes it stick in my memory better. 

I have used all sorts of scraps to assemble the junk journal inserts. It makes life more interesting and recycles old papers and envelopes #saveourplanet!  

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Inspiration under your feet

I have found some great inspiration this summer wandering around with my camera.  These are a few house  front paths and steps I found. 

Sadly many of them have been ripped up and replaced due to wear and tear of lack of street parking.