Sunday, 31 July 2011


I have urgent sewing to to do for the 'shhh' project today and I'm reading Hilary Mantels 'Wolf Hall', a 700 pager, that's holding my interest, I have only 100 pages to go. Also still chopping away at the stash uglies.

I think that sewing will win this morning as the top is almost pieced-I will have to clear away to layer the quilt after.  I have several quilt tops pieced and ready to go-I have never layered a quilt before, my patchwork has previously been for duvet covers and curtains or paper pieced that take years: I have two of those in progress.  One of them is my ID  picture-here are the 'flowers' sewn up for the last round.

Try something new every day, the layering will be it.

I found a blog this morning at that has links to two sister blogs for Kim McLeans applique patterns, haven't done much applique myself but these designs are inspirational

Two favourite quilt artists in Australia, beautiful work and from the US, she pieces animals with such character, I'm particularly fond of the cows.

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