Sunday, 25 September 2011

Four orphans and a UFO

 I was having yet another sort out prior to getting down to some sewing today and I found four orphan blocks that were trials for the spiderweb curtain.  They were put aside as the blue diamonds didn't pop enough, I went for a lighter blue in the end.  They are about the right size for cushion covers but they don't stand alone very well.  I think they will be put back into storage and be incorporated as a block into a quilt back at some point. 
 For the non-quilters that may be visiting from Bookcrossing, a UFO is an 'un-finished object'. Most quilters have several!  I found half a dozen really long strips I had made by sewing random scraps onto paper, trimming the edge then tearing out the papers along the perforations that the needle has made.  I love this sort of random sewing: moving the mid line, reversing the rainbow for one side (I had to write it down as I just couldn't work it backwards!), making the colour blocks one strip or many, changing the width or the angle of the strips
 Its another one that's going to have to go away  for a winter project finish.  It will have to be heavily quilted on the machine as the strips were made with my old temperamental sewing machine with the tension issues-an awful mess if it all unravels!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lazy week!

I seem to use the 'de-stressing' excuse for doing my stuff when I should be doing other stuff often.  Ho Hum!  My evening/lunch break sewing this week was more random hexie colouring in-I have to join some dots but I got carried away with seeing how the crazy look developed.  I have two more to do then its going away for a few weeks until I have done some other more pressing sewing projects and sewn in some more papers to cut hexies (big box of both waiting, see previous posts) to add variety. 

I had a message from a bookcrosser this evening that made me laugh out loud,that everything seem so organised and boxed-no you're not seeing a picture of why I laughed, it's a BAD messy thing! Of course I haven't bought more fabric-well, a bit.  I have my son and daughter in laws quilt do do........

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lazy Sunday

OK, so, there are a dozen other things I should have been doing............but I found some orphan hexie flowers and had to start incorporating them whilst I was watching the athletics in Daegu.  There will be some more of these when my other project is finished that will be scattered through the 'Random Hexie' double.

Totally random, dude...........

I took a little box of hexagons out with me today on a family visit and got bored with sewing in the papers. I HAD VOWED NOT  TO START THIS!  I have too much else on the go.  I am saving odd hexagons cut from scraps and excess from other projects-the idea was to get all of the papers sewn in, put them all in a bag and pick them at random to make a double quilt that will create its own magic. But I started sewing..............
Then after my visit, I went to the beach, parked up and watched the high tide turn, intending to read and I did a bit more....

It makes the whole thing less boring to do a bit of joining rather than endless paper sewing.  As long as I keep the maximum 'flower' size to six per side, once the florets are joined, it will look completely random.   Hopefully. But I need to finish my other two paper pieced projects first!