Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lazy week!

I seem to use the 'de-stressing' excuse for doing my stuff when I should be doing other stuff often.  Ho Hum!  My evening/lunch break sewing this week was more random hexie colouring in-I have to join some dots but I got carried away with seeing how the crazy look developed.  I have two more to do then its going away for a few weeks until I have done some other more pressing sewing projects and sewn in some more papers to cut hexies (big box of both waiting, see previous posts) to add variety. 

I had a message from a bookcrosser this evening that made me laugh out loud,that everything seem so organised and boxed-no you're not seeing a picture of why I laughed, it's a BAD messy thing! Of course I haven't bought more fabric-well, a bit.  I have my son and daughter in laws quilt do do........

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