Saturday, 22 October 2011

Poochie Progress

The huge full box of random hexies is almost used up: four sets of 91 each to complete.   The selection left is looking rather-pink-cream-brown so I may stop here for now.

 The hexagons are 1  5/8" across.  I wish I had done them smaller really, too late now with thousands cut!

Nine sets fully complete, total 819.   I will need at least 64 sets plus fillers for the edges for a double quilt, around 6,600 hexagons. Sounds a lot-next post 2017ish..........when I have taken all the papers out!! 
All of the solid colours were sorted form the box for the Rainbow hexie and there are a few more strips done, with a small bag left to add-I'm not going to add these now, or the centre will look too uniform, they can wait for the next batch. 

This little angel called Jake came to visit on Thursday and stole my sewing!  He is 5 months and it was his first visit to someones house.  He acts like hes 8 weeks old still, full of mischief.  He is a well know toilet roll and shoe thief on Facebook so we had to watch him, just as well as the sewing had a needle in!

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