Saturday, 19 November 2011


Bonnie Hunter is running a mystery quilt-I almost started cutting this morning, then I realised that I have patches cut for TWO quilts already.  I shelved this project out of sheer frustration (and inexperience) about a year ago.  A friend recommended using a corner cropping template when I cut the patches.  I really wish I hadn't done this!  My cutting is accurate, the stitching isn't bad, but I miss that perfect corner line up check and the flying geese units are not behaving!
I made all these about a year ago that need to be checked!  There are lots of pieces in this quilt.............
I am having an 'internet'  quilt retreat day along with the girls doing Bonnie's Orca Bay quilt. Me and Mozart and all day to sort out the piecing puzzle!

One star completed. Not very happy with the accuracy so proceeding slowly. I have 88 to do!  If all else fails and I just can't make the pieces fit, I have several large cushions that need covering, that should make the whole thing more manageable  and I won't have to throw the patches out in frustration!  Tip of the day: don't trim your dog ears until you are happy with the fit!

I just looked at this after uploading the picture-spot the mistake-I SHOULD HAVE SEWN BLUE SQUARES IN THE CORNERS!!  AGGGHHH! 

Time for lunch I think.

That's better.  The size should be 6" finished, they are a little small.  I'm not sure how persuasive I can be with the iron. The piecing could be sharper.  This will be a very busy quilt with a strong pattern so the imperfections will be lost in the overall effect I hope. Am I being overly critical? I want perfection!

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