Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another fine mess!

I  needed a few yellow and purple hexagons and it's got out of hand with the rotary cutter again!  This is just the growing 1 1/2" strip bin, for the 'one day' lego quilt, it uses those odd bits up at the end of a FQ.  
...........and the other strips that I thought I would do-as I had the fabric out-for the quilt I will be making myself next year! I have been avoiding yellow and purple for years as difficult colours (I actually don't like yellow much): but a stash isn't a stash unless its rainbow coloured so I have been picking up yellow and purple FQs (fat quarters for the uninitiated) for a while in the sales.  I needed to cut some hexies for ongoing projects..........
A few more to do yet.
The random hexies had got rather too pinky-brown!
I am having a horrible time with the pile of 1/2" scraps, soooo many its almost a FQ, such a waste!  Some of them are 'saved' as I am keeping a few diamonds back for an unfinished baby blocks project that I will resurrect.  The 'ends' go into a bag to be cut down later into 1" diamonds.   Yes, I know, crazy, but I can't waste anything.  I have to draw the line at the cut off 1/2" ears but pretty much anything else I'll try to keep to re-use somewhere. That's why I have so many things on the go. 

The giant Ikea bag is now almost full of strings for the next spider web quilt, though that's a long way off as I have to FINNISH things before I start more!

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