Sunday, 26 February 2012

The green shoots of recovery

I picked up a needle this week-I resurrected a shelved hand sewing project that will go on for years, It hasn't seen the light of day since November!  I needed something to hone my technique so a couple of years ago I went chop-happy with the uglies for three weeks and cut enough for four quilts. 

This is all the greens have done in 2 years, not a lot!  I seemed to have many ugly greens so I started sewing up those first.  Many of them are SOOOO ugly that I think I will be using red triangles to lift the design.  Way too much browny-mustardy stuff.  The finished size squares will be 1.5", so they're small, thank goodness. Chop it small and it will fade into the background!

I stole all the 2" blue squares for a leaders and enders project and I have run out, so yesterday I fished out ugly/large pieces to cut more next time we have a wet weekend. And a few 2" strips from the stash box......

I have bought more creams in the last couple of years so I pulled those out as well, to cut for variety in the hand pieced project.

And finally.......I would like to introduce Archie, my grandpuppy- the most loving, adorable, clever, playful, confident, happy little dog in the world! 

He loves people and dogs and gets buckets of attention from everyone as he's so cute (and boy does he work it!). Archie would even  like my cat if she wasn't such a grumpy, hissy-fitty old lady.  He is a daschound-labrador/staffordshire terrier cross with stumpy legs and bags of energy. 

The pictures of him were taken on his his first trip to the beach at 5 months old, last weekend. He wasn't so keen after he fell in a rock pool up to his neck!  I went with my son and daughter in law to choose from a litter of six: it was tough to come home without one for me as they were all lovable! 

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