Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ice Cream Sunday

My second layering of the week-I stayed late every night to do these in the conference room.  I work for a sign company: one of our manufacturing units makes vitreous enamel signage, like the maps you see on the underground, that's the assemblage of samples behind.

Three tables pushed together was the perfect size, so much easier than groveling around on the floor at home.  I'd give my boss a hug for letting me use the room but it would frighten him!! I have secured the use for the next week at least, I have four more to layer. 

The effect I was trying to achieve with colour on this single isn't really visible: I took all the blocks from my stash to make it, so it was really quick to create as there was no cutting. If you think you can see what I have done with the colour, please comment! I think the effect would have been apparent if the blocks had been smaller.  I'm going to machine quilt this, quite heavily, this will bring out the effect (hopefully). The backing is scrummy, so that side will be OK!  I like the fact that it looks like clam shell patchwork. This was another sale bargain at five pounds per metre, I have about 15 metres altogether, every time I logged onto the website to it was still in the sale so I bought more! 

I like quirky backing fabrics with lots of colour to hide dubious hand quilting-I bought 6 metres of this one last week from a new site I have found, real bargain fabrics from top ranges-I wish they were closer so I could visit the shop!  If you live in the UK and have hoarding issues, look at the site (not helping, am I??!)

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