Sunday, 17 June 2012

Kiss in the Corner

This is a long overdue gift. Shhh...........This design is one I stole from my Greenestede Quilters group project.  I needed something quick to sew up as I knew I wouldn't have much time. It is a twisted nine patch. 

Chain piecing the 6" cut squares........

........into a nine patch, then cutting into four.  Twist them and sew up again. I laid the pieces out on a bed as it was the biggest space I had. I have not really used enough browns, it was a tricky job to make sure that the same browns were not too close together- the creams and blues are not so important in the overall effect.  I am surprised how 'busy' it looked at this stage.
This isn't my usual scrappy style, but my son advised me the colours to use as its for a gift and I had to raid the stash for what was there. My usual technique is throw EVERY colour in but I do have a preference for 'earthy' colours, so I was quite happy working on this.  I have enough patches left over for half of another quilt. 

My not very helpful helper-rather annoying when she wants to play with the border and crumb catcher strips I'm cutting..........when she's not furring up the backing fabric that's just ironed and warm and seems like a nice sleeping spot.

 This is the only fabric I had for the backing that toned with the front-hope they're fond of cows!
I started this post some time ago-this week I borrowed the conference room at work, put the tables together, stuck the backing down and off I went with my new microstitch-it's AMAZING!!! I used about 1200 tags in this double.  I have more time than I thought to quilt this now, so I am going to do it by hand.  This will be my first attempt at large format hand quilting.

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