Wednesday, 20 June 2012

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Number three attacked with the tagging gun!  (Did I say I love my tagging gun???)  This one is about 110 x 110 inches, too big to fit in the centre of the tables and still stick to the edges of the table.

Unorthodox method, I folded 2 sides under and stuck, now I'm ready to move it to the other side and continue.  Only way to do it.

This flimsy was English paper pieced from recycled fabrics and family clothing. There are some polycottons in here and it's sewn together with cream thread-I started it over 15 years ago when the boys were small and I had no money, even for matching thread!  I was very pleased to see an antique quilt at the Victoria and Albert Museum last year that was hand pieced in natural coloured cotton from scraps, it made me feel better about some of the stitching being visible!

I chose wool wadding for this as I will sew round each hexie, when it is washed and the wool shrinks by 4% they will all puff up.  Not sure when I will start this, or even finish.  Its already very grubby and covered in cat hair as its been sitting around for so long!  I'm going to wash it before I bind it, so when I put the binding on it will be smooth, not wavy. Hopefully.

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