Sunday, 3 June 2012

When the morning gathers a rainbow........

The sun has been shining, so I took the big box of random hexies to work every day, sat outside at lunchtime on the step 'meiditated' away.  It really did the trick, much better than reading for a lunch break de-stress: sadly only for half an hour a day!  I end up with some odd shapes as I stitch, there are several on the go at once to stop me getting bored.

In the evenings I finished the red corner squaring section for DFG and took the tacking out to rescue and recycle the papers.  Not my favourite job! 

Yesterday when I came home there was a racket going on in my weeping birch tree-some blue tits have fledged, they must have been nesting in the hedge that is attacking pedestrians!  I was going to cut it this weekend but I can't possibly do that now as these little fluff balls with be frightened off-they are about the size of a small hens egg.

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