Sunday, 26 August 2012

Work bag

I cut  a few 12-sets of brown hexies this afternoon: I'm making 'Project 29' my stay at work lunch time sewing.  It won't move on quickly as I only have a half-hour break.  I knew I would find the right project for my Clippy bag sooner or later.

Saturday, 25 August 2012


...............but that's only one corner!  At least it gets tucked behind the kitchen door with the elephant doorstop.

I have 'issues'

I'm having a clear out. There appears to be something about post-it notes. I used  them a lot when I studied at home as  learning aid, along with coloured biros. Perhaps that's it.  I also have a pencil case stuffed with biros and ordinary HB pencils.  I can't draw for toffee (yet!). This a portion of what I found, they were all over the place!

I decided to investigate the issue as I got a spam mail from 3M at  work, who make post-its: I found myself putting things in the basket..........I stopped, thank goodness!

Of course, if I had more colours I could design a block quilt with!........the little plasticised  tabs are my favorite type of bookmark, as they don't fall out of the book.

I will sort out my drawing materials too, I'm going on holiday soon so they will come with me.   

Now I have started to move things around in drawers to accommodate groups of things instead of having them all over the place I am making MORE mess, instead to tidying up. Ho hum. As for the paper and notebooks and the used envelopes I collect at work to make the paper hexies...we won't go there!

Sand art to quilt art?

Just found this this website, amazing sand art patterns...........

Bank Holiday Retreat

We have a long weekend, yay!  The clouds are accumulating, not so good, but with 33 projects to choose from I'm happy.

My son is off at a festival so it's a silent weekend, much needed after a stressy week or two (not that he is a problem to  have around!).  I that's why the paper piecing has come out in the last two weeks, I need to meditate with something in front of the TV for a bit.

I will get one long walk in between showers, today will be the best day as the forecast is cool and windy, my perfect day. I can hear the wind in the trees at the end of the garden now.  Love that sound, and the way my weeping birch moves in the breeze.

The workroom (lounge!) needs a serious tidy before I work on the 'orange and blue'............ how does shoe polish, two boxes of matches, a voucher for a pack of tea and a packet of plasters end up on my work table???  Er, that would be the party boy preparing for his festival.

That unsightly pile of fabric is the mending pile, that must be tackled before anything else!

I will piece the remaining sets for project 29, clear up, work on orange and blue and maybe do some cutting-papers and the crumb scraps for 1/2" diamonds.  And lots of papers in hexies.  Oh, and the mending!

A friend at work gave me a bunch of dried sage a while ago when I was stressed-she is into alternative healing.  You light it, it smokes rather than burns, you walk round the house with it to banish negativity.  For me it worked as a reminder, not because it had mystical properties: every time I caught a whiff of the burnt sage, for the day I was able to pull myself up by my intellectual bootstraps and think positive about everything. Those matches are about to come in useful!  Only thing is I have to walk round the house again after I have done it, not to sniff, but to check if burning embers have flaked off and set fire to the house!  The convoluted lengths I go to to find peace!  Have to laugh at myself sometimes ~{:¬?

I have a new book to start a Bookcrossing ring, looking forward to this....I am the last of 9 readers, the book has been to continental North America, Australia and is back home in the UK now.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Potential project 29 now a reality!

I found 12 brown matching hexies in the 'random' bin so I thought I would just try it out...........I sorted out the creams too......and we're off!

I only found four more sets of identical brown, so that will be it for quite some time.  Next time I have a cutting marathon, there will be a few more sets.

I am sewing in papers for a while, for the rainbow and random hexie projects.  The creams will be pulled out for number 29.  Not very interesting to post as you've seen it all before! 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Worm calligraphy

These look like complex Japanese characters to me-inspiration of an embroidery project full of complex knots and loops/

Seaweed Texture Study

These are not meant to be high quality pics, they are just snaps for my 'one day' file!  I had a long walk on the beach this evening, after the hottest day of the year so far it was just the ticket.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Assembly lines

This weeks sewing: stitching the rainbow hexie strips together.  I have enough yellow cut for two more strips......

..........more cut and ready to sew up.

.There are also some new purchases to cut hexies and diamonds from before they go in the cupboard.  I always do this. 

I haven't touched the diamonds for a while, probably over 500 already sewn up...........


with hundreds more to do!

This is a TV job-scraps to trim for 1/2" finished diamonds: I do this pile before it gets too big as it's not my favorite job.  These are the scraps from the 'orange and blue' project.

 I will be using this little book to source sampler blocks for 'orange and blue' this weekend.