Saturday, 25 August 2012

I have 'issues'

I'm having a clear out. There appears to be something about post-it notes. I used  them a lot when I studied at home as  learning aid, along with coloured biros. Perhaps that's it.  I also have a pencil case stuffed with biros and ordinary HB pencils.  I can't draw for toffee (yet!). This a portion of what I found, they were all over the place!

I decided to investigate the issue as I got a spam mail from 3M at  work, who make post-its: I found myself putting things in the basket..........I stopped, thank goodness!

Of course, if I had more colours I could design a block quilt with!........the little plasticised  tabs are my favorite type of bookmark, as they don't fall out of the book.

I will sort out my drawing materials too, I'm going on holiday soon so they will come with me.   

Now I have started to move things around in drawers to accommodate groups of things instead of having them all over the place I am making MORE mess, instead to tidying up. Ho hum. As for the paper and notebooks and the used envelopes I collect at work to make the paper hexies...we won't go there!

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