Sunday, 16 September 2012

Holiday by the sea

I have been away with my family to the seaside for a few days: poor Archie had a bad back so we had to take it in turns to dog sit as he was on instructions to rest:  it was gloriously sunny all week and the beach 200 yards away was 7 miles of sand.

Best of all was dolphin watching at Dungeness: they were there for the three days we went to that area.  I didn't get a clear  picture, sadly .There is lots of design potential, such a surreal landscape.  Rusted winches, collapsing fishing sheds and decaying boats, on miles of shingle, overlooked by the nuclear power station!  There were TWO lighthouses, a cafe and a miniature railway that takes you 13 miles along the coast. Just a few photos.....

 I went to Rye one day, and looked round the Church- the floor was quilty..........
 ....and they had a commemorative hanging done for year 2000, with small panels done by the local people, here are a few of my favourites-the seaweed was very realistic!

Saturday, 1 September 2012


I'm off on a seaside break soon, what to take?  The  main requirements: portability and  quantity.  I decided on something I haven't touched  yet and won't touch for a while when I get back; no organising or  careful packing necessary......... 1/2" scrap diamonds. there are quite a few-thousand!

I have done some this week to see how I got on with small pieces.  I have to be careful to get the corners tight on pieces so small to eliminate assembly problems, so progress is slower than hexie paper piecing-especially with the half diamond triangles!