Saturday, 24 November 2012

Moth traps

Experimenting with the layout this morning:  I don't really have enough room  (:¬/  The conference room at work was in use this week so I couldn't commandeer it. 

It took me all day to web the grey sashings in as I wanted to make sure that there were no adjacent strips. 

 Oh well, too late now. No one will notice, shhhhh!

I made 20 or so bow ties whilst I trapped the moths.  I don't have a picture of the finished top, there will be others here tomorrow to hold it up for a snapshot.

Can't decide what to do with the border: the top so far SHOULD finish at a troublesome 93 1/2", but I haven't measured it yet, perhaps the measurement is actually more cooperative!  I'm thinking about mini moths. I have a maximum border allowance of 7 inches on each edge.


  1. Sally, you have done such an incredible job on this quilt top. I have been amazed at how you have kept everything in order as you went along. My stash is organized, but my actual quilting making in pure chaos in the making.

    blessings, jill

  2. thank you xx. The process is fairy organised but you can't see the MESS!! My workroom is the living room and I clear up now and son is hoovering under my feet as I write this as his girlfriend is about to come over (teehee). It's not as if she hasn't see it all before!

    The moths will be for my other son: I have promised them 'Darwin's Flower Garden' but it will be years before that's finished, so this is an interim. Hope that grand-puppy doesn't chew it as it smells of cat!

    By the way, chaos=creative. Fact.