Saturday, 10 November 2012


 Now completed: 160 bow ties.  There are some really scrappy ones in this batch with mismatched ends.  Love them!  The white fabric on the bottom two is an old nightshirt I found in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago that is all soft from use.

I have been looking at layouts for the bow ties on the net today, still can't make up my mind.  As I have enough paired up for two quilts, I'll assemble them all so I get maximum variety before I make the flimsies, that means I can do two versions.

This was the main project whilst piecing the bow ties-all the green and cream triangles are sewn up now. 
Next job, tomorrow I have to cut the pieces for the green cornerstones for 'moth in the window'-then clean up!!  I hope to piece the green moths tomorrow.

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