Sunday, 11 November 2012


Ohh, too bright!  I paired up the last of the random bow tie sets last night, I had to cut some 'knots' from the 1 1/2" string bin instead of using the leftover ends from 'Moth in the Window'. 

I have found it best to stitch a few sets up in spare moments and get them to the 'last run' stage.......... that when I use them for leaders and enders, that's one finished.  Otherwise,  get in a pickle and end up like this.
I have 180 done already.

 I sewed for at least 7 hours yesterday, went to bed at 1 a.m. and had to read for an hour to unwind!  Even though sewing relaxes me, I find I have to stop at least an hour before bed as my brain needs to slot into sleep mode.  I can go on until after 2 a.m if left to my own devices.  All very well if I was retired, sadly I have to work for a living (:~/ 

By the way, I recommend this  book....
 I have had it on the shelf for a couple of years, wish I had picked it up sooner. I have another by Tim Winton, that will be read very soon.

  I cut the cornerstones this morning for the green moths and sewed them up this afternoon. 

Yay!!! ALL the moths, done.  

I will lay them out tomorrow evening.
The grey sashings are cut. I'm going to try webbing the moth top, it seems much quicker than my normal method.  

 I HAD to clean up, those darn trimmings from the bow ties are getting everywhere!

I bought some backing material, it was only £3 per metre, good quality funky fabric, perfect. Four metres of each.

I have some carrot fabric from the same range, my son wants me to put it on the back of his quilt (The Big Green One) that will be for him to wrap up in , in front of the TV.  I'm going to call it Vegging Out!

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