Saturday, 26 January 2013

It's the 26th..........

.............and despite getting three or four
 emails a week regarding fabric
 sales, I haven't succumbed once, 
not even so far as looking at a website!   
Only 48 1/2 weeks to go.

There is a catch!.
This is it .
My daughter in law liked it.  So I thought I would make it for her (don't ask me WHEN!), so I looked for the wool on line.   I thought it may suit me too.  

We both liked this colour:
 then I browsed the sale section.  Oh dear. 

I love random yarns especially ones with varying lengths of colour.  In cotton.

I have been hankering to do some knitting for a while (ten years ago it was my main pass-time instead of quilting).  Now I have 5 garments to knit!

Another thing to add to my 'must not buy (any more) this year' list.  

My son gave me an Amazon voucher for Christmas, so I spoilt myself and bought a book I had been coveting for a while.  I have read the stories associated with the blocks in the book already but the quilt will be on the back burner.  As there are so many individual blocks to cut I think I will make two of each, one in black and white and one colour. If you are going to the trouble of making 145 different blocks for the largest version then it makes sense to cut at least two!

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