Sunday, 10 February 2013

Refuel necessary!

I have done very little sewing for a couple of weeks, very little anything.  A series of migraines has floored me (:¬/

A little bit of this is all
Altogether, I will have just over three of these tins of rosette sets with papers in when I'm done.  There are already a lot sewn up
ready for the Grandma's flower garden I'm working on
I have way more than I need to compete this quilt as I only have to square it off in the red, orange, green and blue sectors.  Enough, for another quilt, methinks!

Probably not much sewing on the next two weeks either as I have to finish decorating before my son comes home from 3 months in the Far East, his bedroom is full of furniture from the area I'm decorating!

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