Friday, 29 March 2013

Overactive imagination

In the design sense, this is not normally something I suffer with.  In the last two days I have modified and old idea and come up with two more-oh, I really need to retire to get all this done!

For my first year City and Guilds I came up with a trilobite design wall hanging that never got made, probably because it was rather too complex.  
Then I thought I would make it into a full sized quilt but never got round to it. 

The latest imaginative trilobite incarnation is a cushion with lots of prairie points.

I had surgery yesterday and whilst in recovery, my mood pleasantly enhanced (;¬}, the ceiling became very interesting and my mind wandered!  I have only had time to do a couple of quick sketches between snoozes toady, I just had to get the ideas down before they faded along with the 'enhancement'!  Probably only makes sense to me, but here they are.......

This will be black and white HSTs assembled in vertical grading across a quilt.  The inspiration was the tiny refractions from a three tube fluorescent light fitting cover!  It only occurred to me afterwards that it must have been good at diffusing light as I spent about four hours looking at it on an off!    I will cut these HSTs at he same time as the planned black and white 'Farmers Wife' quilt later in the year and use them as the leaders and enders project.  I have LOTS of black and whites I have been collecting in sales for a while now. 

The next two are only scrappy sketches for me to get he idea on paper before I forget.  

One inspired from the ceiling air vent yesterday that had a lop-sided louvred appearance and viewed interesting angles of light and dark grey. 
The last one is on a favourite theme of 'evolution' for which there are already several ideas in the creative pot. 

This time, its block evolution, starting with a square in one corner, then three adjoining squares bisected corner to corner, diagonally and unevenly,he patterns evolving across the quilt with gradually more complexity. This one will need a design wall!

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