Monday, 8 April 2013

A little wobble, I wouldn't say I fell off the wagon!

I went for a constitutional stroll to my local shops: there is a wool/sewing shop there run by a lady well over retirement age.  They have just started running patchwork classes and there were a few bolts of cloth, so I bought a metre of pink and half a metre of yellow very cheaply with the cottons I had gone for.

That means so far this year my total fabric purchases are 2 1/2 metres. I am VERY proud of myself!  I still look in the online stores at sale times , put things in baskets, then don't buy.  I think I may be cured!

I need to buy quite a lot of machine quilting thread for the Threadplay ribbon design I have decided to do on this quilt, as yet un-named.  You can see from the blocks picture how busy it is: I think  strong ribbons of colour will be the only thing that will tie it all together.   I will buy the polycore thread from Empress Mills-I have used their pure cotton machine thread for a while.  The polycore is £12.50 for 7500m!

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