Monday, 1 April 2013

A Pieceful job

I'm recuperating, but have a serious case of the fidgets: I need something to keep my hands busy whilst I sit and rest.  I got up early and laid out the orange corner flower bed for Darwin's flower garden.  This should take me a couple of days to make up, whilst I watch as many David Attenborough documentaries as I can: 'Africa' is first on the list. 
 This weeks read is 
About half way through and my Kindle died-nasty things happening on the screen, so I guess this one will be finished on the computer, not my favorite way to read. Enjoying the book so far.

Yesterdays fidget job was unpicking 60 blocks that I had sewn up wrong for 'the big green one'.  I did that four weeks ago and put it away as I couldn't face doing it at the time.  There was only one seam to undo and actually it didn't take that long.
I had sewn the four patch and triangle pair together, then had to join two of these sets, I put them the wrong way round: moral?  Keep referring to the drawing, even if your sure!

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