Sunday, 28 April 2013

Advice needed and stocktake results

First, advice:  does anyone know if you can stop those nasty blogs piggybacking  to redirect to them?  It has been happening for a while (from Russia) but today I have had 25 hits!

I have had a look at 'settings' but I can't see how it can be stopped (:¬/

Anyways: a bit of a tidy  up over the last couple of days.......

I made enough blue nine patches for the potential baby quilt and a 6 x 7' bed topper, all pressed and waiting now, about 270 altogether. I couldn't believe how quick these were.  It helped that they were already cut and paired, of course.


I had some leftover pairs of blues which I was going to sew up into four patches, but I left them as they can be used for a border as they are.


All 244 'big green one' blocks are pressed.


 To get a good mix in the four patches I overdid it a little (surprised?!):  I spent about three hours whilst watching a film yesterday spinning the seams and packing them away-I estimate there are 500-600 spares-a flying start on a new project later, yay!  These finish at 3".


There are also some paired triangles that I'm thinking will be used for my churn dash that is in the WIP in my head list (yes, I have one of those too!); these finish at 3".


There are lots of leftovers that are unmatched/paired as well.


I had a rummage through the pinks too, in case it's a pink quilt event, not a blue one and put some sets together from 2" pre-cut squares.  I cut a few 2 x 5" strips and had a play........

These finish at 7 1/2".  I must stop NOW as I don't want another UFO.  These will make a much needed cushion cover or join the 'orphans' if not used for a cot quilt.

More work needed on the border accuracy on these.

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