Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fuzzy headed

Everything it taking me so long at the moment whilst I recuperate, it's frustrating!

I have three of the five playmat flimsies with borders on, backings chosen and bindings cut ready for sandwiching, which I can't do yet until I recuperate some more.

All of the blocks that made up the five came from my scrap user bins. 

I deliberately chose backings and borders to try to use up older/ cheaper/ up-cycled fabric.

1 .
Backing: charity shop pure cotton curtain
Border: charity shop heavy duty poly cotton 'sheet' from a valance (the under the mattress part, so its perfect!)
Binding: a 'not so neutral' that I have had for too long- I like the pattern but it's not very useful!

Backing: My eldest sons  cotton bedroom curtains from when he was growing up
Border: inner-from the 1 1/2" bin: outer-a long awaited home for a random piece of fabric I got in a bargain mystery parcel
Binding: a pale yellow oriental waves pattern, I bought 5 bargain yards some years ago.

Backing: brand new cotton duvet cover I was given some time ago (not a pattern that I could sleep with)
Border: Two discount/sale fabrics
Binding: another discount/sale fabric, same as the pink

I had some of the border strip left-rather than stuff it into a scrap bin I made four orphan blocks to go into the orphan box-these will one day in the far future find their way into a pieced backing.

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