Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In the blue corner....

The orange flowers are sewn into strips and stashed away. 

I have almost 'stripped' the blue ones.  I'm doing it this way as the floor is the only surface large enough to lay things out- I'm recuperating at the moment so have the time to get the basic layout done quickly and get things off the floor as soon as possible. 

I will lay the greens out tomorrow, but they're tricksy!

Then the slightly tiresome border issue:  I have some 'path' rosettes to cut and sew, to join the red, orange, green and blue sections on with, then measuring as I think it will be too big already to do a 3 row border with path and a couple of rows of foliage, as I wanted to do.  My son and daughter in law have a king sized bed, so this is ENORMOUS.  It will be hand quilted (no doubt over several years!) quite closely to stabilise all the hand sewing.

I do feel I'm getting somewhere with it though, finally. 

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