Saturday, 6 April 2013

To do this month list....

.......or at least progress things:

I'm recovering from an operation, thus fairly restricted: as my son said, a guilt free opportunity to please myself- he has been a good cook and bottle washer for the last week!
  1. caterpillar corner fill-in to cover my inaccuracies on 'moth in the window'-I have been thinking about what to do with this for ages, caterpillars now seem so obvious to go with the moths-these will be my first public attempt at hand applique and shouldn't take long, so they're at the top of the list                                                                      
  2.  finish the green corner strips and stow away for a later date (next couple of days                
  3. Unpick the aborted  machined in the ditch quilting (only a few rows) and finish this long overdue gift AFTER deciding on the new quilting pattern that will test my wobbly skills and enhance what I did with the colours-you can barely see this as the blocks are too big, the eye doesn't follow what's happening, it just looks 'busy' at the moment. I think it needs ribbons of dense quilting to enhance the colour layout
  4. layer and machine quilt two of the five playmat flimsies-again practicing technique.
  5. Find a smaller hoop so I can do the hand quilting for another overdue gift-I can't hold the hoop against my stomach at the moment!                                                                                                               
    I am soooo frustrated, I have so many ideas and no time to play with them, partly as I work full time and partly as I already have so much on the go, promised to others (ALL of the above!).  I will try to treat this week as an opportunity to practice what I will do with my retirement and GET IT DONE!    I had a really good week last week propped up with hours spent guiltlessly browsing blogs that I wouldn't normally spend, seeing what everyone is doing, its been great!  You are all such inspirational people.
I would love you to leave a comment, share if you are doing something similar or 'follow' me! xx

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