Saturday, 11 May 2013

A slight distraction

What to do with the waste from Sisters Choice? Each block generates 8 snips of pink and 8 cream. 

 This is is an odd block, I like these.  And see the deliberate mistake? 
All those triangles on the border strips get snipped off.

Light bulb moment.   Leaders and enders........

....for bow tie knots
A little try out...seems fine to me once I worked out how to get the irregular snips fairly straight by lining up with the opposite edges.
Happy days!  Reuse and recycle.  The bow tie quilt may end up with a lot of pink in!

A few more blocks completed, I have done around 100 now.
An I have even managed to use up a random FQ that I thought of as irredeemably ugly-see that pink and brown diamond fabric?  Just shows you have to find the right quilt for it.

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