Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Creative insomnia

I stayed up until after 2.30 a.m., sleepless due to a hacking cough, for three nights. I had to do something.........

I have started an affair with pink, a previously loathed-as-a-stereotype colour, thought I seemed to have a bit of it..........

I have cut some more and kitted up for a full size quilt as I love the way this looks. 
I have absolutely no doubt that I have overdone it again!
All the cornerstones are pre-cut, just a few 2 x 5" cream strips needed. 

There is quilting to do before I indulge in this though. And it is indulgence, there is something about the rhythm of assembling these blocks that is soothing.
I think I have cracked the baggy edge issue too.

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